Ecumenical Line Dancing 联合教会排舞

Ecumenical Line Dancing 联合教会排舞

       Line dancing lesson available every Monday and Wednesday Morning from 9:00 am in the morning until 10:30 am in the morning in the Christian Ecumenical Centre, Jalan Stampin, behind May bank building, opposite Chi Zhi Lin temple. All are welcome! We only listen to good music!

       Those interested please call line dance instructor number: 016- 8853505, 010- 9606738, 082- 230972 and kindly leave your number. We have special notice to announce sometimes.

            A reasonable fee is charged for every lesson. Normally those with basic dancing skills can follow simple dance. The dancing lesson is 1 ½ hours. Normally new dance will be go over once for the new comer. The dance are for beginners and intermediate dancers. Line dancing is a morning exercise. The dance involve some hands. Music we play are both English song and Chinese song. Mainly English song are play. The dances we learn are Lipstick Powder and Paint, Tennesse Waltz Surprise, Every Breath, Triple Mix, Mamma Maria, The Bomp, The Rocking Good Way, The Girl From Yesterday, Lord Help Me, A Kiss Tonight, Senorita Tu, Always Seventeen, Flash Dance, Rocket to The Sun, New Shade Of Blues, Coffee House (Chinese Song), only newly teach in conjunction of our Chinese New Year.

             Line dance start from 2 walls to 4 walls dance. The range are from beginners, to improvers level, to intermediates level and finally to advance level. We have beginners and intermediate level both. Of course that will include improvers level in our dancing class. The beginners level normally are 32 counts.  The dances are Tennessee Waltz Surprise and Mamma Maria and they are good for the beginner dancers. Very simple and very easy step to follow and memorize. Improvers level are normally 32 counts dance。 The dances are Lord Help Me and The Girl From Yesterday. Normally the intermediates level  are 64 counts.  The dances for intermediates dancers and those who dance for many years.  The dance are Every Breath and Coffee House. We play waltz music with 48 counts too. The waltz music are Always In My Mind, Dancing My Memory Away. Normally Waltz music we play are graceful and nice.

            Music are good and nice include oldies. Normally music we play are Every Breath Glee, Who Put The Bomps The Overtones, Rock and Roll Kiss Tonight Ronnie McDowell, Lipstick Powder and Paint Shakin' Stevens, Mamma Maria Ricchi e Poveri, Tennesse Waltz Surprise Ireen Sheer, The Rocking Good Way Bonnie Taylor, Lord Help Me Be the Kind of Person The Bellamy Brothers, Country Medley Nathan Carter, New Shades of Blue Southern Pacific, Pretty Belinda Dr. Victor The Rasta Rebels and many others. 

             Steps in line dancing are coaster steps: back back front, shuffle steps or cha cha steps, Pivot Turning: pivot half turning, pivot one quarter turning, full turning, Monterey: Turning point 90 degrees turning , point 45 degrees turning, box square, crossing steps: right crossing over left, left cross over right, weaving: weave to right weave to left side behind side cross, cross side behind side, Rocking Chair: front step back step, Samba Steps: cross side rock, Side Rock right side rock, left side rock, Scissors steps: right side together cross, left step together cross, Mambo Steps: back mambo, front mambo, side mambo, Kick Ball Steps: kick step step, Sailor Steps: behind step step, Toes Struts: toes steps, Jazz box: cross back together step. Simple steps are walking steps, Side touches and Pointing Steps, waltz. Higher level steps Samba, Sailor.

          Most of the people come to dance wearing comfortable clothes, and shoes. The cost of the shoes can cost around RM 20 to RM 60. Some of the peoples wearing shoes cost more than RM 100. We come here wearing T-shirt and jeans and pants. All of us are ladies, with different background and occupations: housewife, retired teacher and working adults. Our ages are from 40 to 70 years old. All of us have basic dancing skills. Some of them go to others place to dance in the evening and during weekends. There are numbers of us dancing in the Ecumenical badminton hall, a very big place. Normally most people working in the morning at this hour. Give yourself a few dance lesson then you will like dancing for those first time dancing. 

Line Dance Lessons Available every Monday and Wednesday. All are welcome!

Details as follow :

Venue : 
Christian Ecumenical Worship Centre
Jalan Stampin
93200 Kuching, Malaysia ( In front of Chi Tzi Lin Temple, behind Maybank )
Tel : 082-411500

Instructor Contact No. :  082-230972, 016-8853505 , 010-9606738

Day : Monday and Wednesday weekly

Time : 9:00 am – 10:30am ( 1 ½ hours )

Level : Beginners and Intermediate Levels

Instructor : Beverly

Teaching dancing house to house is provided for both new comer and those without basic skills in dancing. Day and time can be arrange.  For further details please kindly call Beverly, the line dance instructor, at 082-230972 or 010-9606 738.